Browse DLL Files in Alphabetical Order

    In order for programs to run smoothly on our Windows-based systems, there are priority files needed called “executable files” or “program files.” Executable files are files with the extension “.exe”.
    For example, the iexplore.exe file is the executable file used to open the Internet Explorer browser.

    As for Dll files, they are each function libraries for programs used on the Windows operating system. Programs use these libraries when necessary to perform tasks they were programmed to do. If the dll files (dynamic link libraries) the programs need are missing or corrupted, you will come across errors such as “Dll file not found” or “dll file is missing or corrupt.”

    We also aim to provide a solution to these dll errors that you have come across on our website where we host thousands of dll files. Furthermore, we don’t just provide downloads of the files, but we also explain how you can install the dll files you downloaded and be free from these dll errors through our illustrated guide specific to each dll file.

    If you are coming across dll errors, you can find the dll files you need by using the search form in the top section of our site. You can download the file by clicking the “Download” button, and you can solve the problem you’ve come across by applying the methods explained in the solution guide on the same page.